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Best Outfit Ever!!!

Best Outfit Ever!!!


Love it!  Yesterday brought up some good stuff.  Women seem to always have something to say about one another’s outfit.  They dish out compliments pretty readily (even criticism).  A male friend of mine can hardly take it. He said that every time a woman enters a room with another woman, they cannot resist making a comment, such as “Ooohh, you look nice!…I love that color on you… I love… (fill in the blank).”  He probably thinks, who the hell cares???

So…yesterday at the end of the day, a friend points out to me that my outfit wasn’t really working for me, or, should I say…wasn’t working for her.  She explained that my pants were turquoise (I insisted they were gray) and that I had paired it with a blue print shirt, covered by a gray army jacket, with yet, another shade of blue sandals.  (What was I thinking? Hmm.  I had no idea I was such a walking faux pas). I decided to ask another friend what her take was on my outfit.  She felt that the pants were actually green-gray, the outfit worked okay, but that I had lost her at the shoes.

And so, I proceeded to explain my outfit:  I chose gray linen pants because it was going to be hot today.  I paired it with my blue print shirt because I liked the fit of the shirt, then added my gray jacket for the simple reason that it fits & looks nice (or, so I thought) & chose the turquoise sandals (because again, it was suppose to be hot).

What happened next was the best part….Friend #2 said that my outfit INSPIRED her.  She said,”It inspires me to get up in the morning, put on whatever clothes were laying around, and head out the door.”  (pause…) Wait a minute…I INSPIRED her to wear WHATEVER SHE WANTS!  To get ready in the morning effortlessly…to wear clothes with one simple goal in mind: to not be naked!  Here’s my take-away from this intervention:  I seemed to be wearing what turned out to be the BEST OUTFIT EVER!!!  Some might see my outfit & draw the conclusion that I am challenged in the wardrobe department, but hey…I INSPIRED FREEDOM!!!  Freedom from unspoken rules & expectations! Success!!! So, thank you ladies!  I feel pretty darn amazing!!!