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Calendars are GOOD and FUN!

Calendars are GOOD and FUN!

Last night my husband said, “Wow.  I’ve never used this calendar before, but I am all the time now.”   That’s because we are busy.  Busy having fun, that is!

In the past, I sort of followed my husband’s lead…he likes an open calendar since he ‘doesn’t know how he will feel that day’ & prides himself on ‘being spontaneous.’  After some reflection, I realized…Guess what?  We weren’t spontaneous at all!  We cleaned a lot (boring!!!), went to the park a couple hours, and visited with friends VERY seldom.  This ‘spontaneity’ thing wasn’t really working for ME.  Our approach to life fell flat for ME.

So, now our calendar is very full these days.  It’s not because life changed, but because I did.  I chose to do things differently.  That’s the great thing about life…when you aren’t happy with it, YOU can choose to change, thereby taking control of your own happiness.  Life doesn’t ‘happen to you’, rather, you are responsible for making life happen.  Booyah!

So, the calendar is a beautiful thing!  Fill it up with things you love to do and with the people you love to do it with.  Spend your time enjoying life, enjoying your friends and family.  Yeah…your house might be a mess, you might miss a shower or a t.v. show, but, hey-  that’s what essential oils and DVR’s are for!  So, fill up your calendar- not with commitments, but with fun (words matter)! Get out there…have fun!