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How I went from STUCK to SHABANG!!!

How I went from STUCK to SHABANG!!!

Last week, I was in a rough headspace.  I briefly talked with a friend, who expressed concern.  According to her, I didn’t sound like myself.  Granted, I had been getting over an illness, but it was an undertone to my voice that she was picking up on.  After some reflection & looking past the obvious culprits, I found that I had been resistant to building my business, and it was chipping away at me.

The great news here, is that I can choose to change my mood at any time.  So, what were the steps I took to do that?  ACTION!  A quick fix in the right direction was a good, hot shower, then a brisk walk through the neighborhood.  For me, I got my stagnant energy flowing and I loaded up on some good ole Vitamin D!  Once home, I hydrated with some coconut water then grabbed some blank paper without lines so that I could freely fill up the page with a burst of ideas for my business & quickly access the areas that were calling my attention.

Now that my wheels were turning, uh-oh…the overwhelm set in.  Where to start?  Too many ideas, too many tasks to pursue.  ahhhhh!!!  (sigh).  With hesitation, I reached out to my tribe of entrepreneurs for some support.  Out of that conversation, I found myself turning down a business opportunity, which actually felt good.  By doing so, I opened up the space for a bigger & better opportunity that is waiting for me.

By the next day, I went deeper during a coaching call with Mrs. Gina Louise!  She held a safe space for me to basically vomit my mess of ideas & get really clear on my desires, thereby refining my goals and the action steps to achieve them.  I can’t thank her enough for her insight & guidance.  The stars aligned and I am overjoyed with the outcome.

The point of sharing what was initially a stuck place of struggle, is that I changed it.  I was open & therefore I received and the floodgates poured open.  My ideas grew and the refinement began.  The main takeaway here is to BE OPEN.  Open to receiving, open to input, open to support…you name it!  Surround yourself with people in your life who support you, see your light & want nothing more than to see you shine your brightest!

A big, grateful THANK YOU goes out to Laura Kohn & Gina Louise of Gina Louise Coaching!