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Peachy Green Smoothie

- March 15, 2015

This smoothie made me so happy at first sip! I love this blend of flavors...maca, sunflower butter, peaches, coconut oil, dates, cinnamon...a MUST TRY!

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Pomegranate Toast

- March 10, 2015

This is a simple toast your little one will enjoy making. The bright color is fun and sure to add a bright, pop of flavor in their mouth!

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Refreshing Green Smoothie

- March 2, 2015

This is a light smoothie made with simple ingredients. This is a between meals smoothie, or a side smoothie. It's not a meal, but a refreshing nutrient blast! (Husband approved).

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Very Green Machine Smoothie

- February 2, 2015

This is a very green tasting smoothie, rich and creamy with a touch of sweetness.

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Caramel Sunflower Smoothie

- January 11, 2015

I've burnt myself out on chocolate smoothies and so I decided to develop a caramel one to satisfy my milkshake cravings. I love it and my taste-testers do, too! Feel free to vary up the recipe with whichever nut butter or milk you have. The turmeric is added in solely for anti-inflammatory purposes. The cinnamon is added for flavor and to assist with blood sugar stabilization. I hope you try this one out!

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Greek Holiday Yogurt!

- December 29, 2014

I love greek yogurt! It's full of probiotics and it's delicious with berries and honey. My body is sensitive to dairy, but it does well with greek yogurt. This recipe features my holiday inspired version. Check out the quick demo video below:

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Sizzling Summer Squash

- December 18, 2014

This recipe is simple, yet packed with flavor! The Herbs of Provence are delicate, but wildly flavorful. My favorite way to cook summer squash by far!

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Sweet Roasted Roots

- December 18, 2014

Winter roots are so delicious! Broiling roots will naturally caramelize them, no sweetener needed! Season with a simple oil (I use a grapeseed oil since it's stable at a high heat) and herb to enhance their natural flavors. I used a mix of colorful carrots as my base for this side dish, but you could use any root veggies you have on hand. Parsnips, fennel, sweet potato, butternut squash, beets all work well.

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