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Slow Down to Get Clear…

Slow Down to Get Clear…

When the going gets tough and you find yourself stressed and anxious due to having so many roles and responsibilities, try something new…SLOW DOWN.  You’re likely screaming at me, “Whaaaat?”  But the truth is, just simply STOP!

Slow down…

  • deligate some of your responsibilities
  • say no!  (by saying no, what will you be saying yes to?  What will open up for you?)
  • cancel plans (you have my permission)
  • ask for help (people will surprise you)
  • go to a yoga class or take a walk
  • stroll on a beach
  • take a nap (even if it’s at your desk or in your car – yes, I’ve done both plenty of times)
  • draw a bath & sip tea in the candlelight

Now that you have slowed down and created some space, my prescription for you is a lunch date!

Lunch Date:  Have a lunch date with the best person you know…YOU!  Ask yourself, what do I want?  (i.e. Is there somewhere new I want to travel to?  Is there a new place I desire to live?  What does it look like?  Close your eyes and imagine it now…What sounds do you hear?  What does it smell like?  What colors do you see?  What temperature do you feel?  Write it all down.  Start by doing this once a week.  Revisit your dreams, manifest them fully.  Write it down!  Share it with someone.  Write it down!